Thursday, July 31, 2008

mo' fan blogging...

... as in, yes folks, time for our next installment of Dawn writing about yet another entertainment thing that has made her happy. Or, you could slap a little comma in place after the second word, and the title in turn makes a declaration of who I am. I am a Mo fan. (As in Mo Willems, of course!)

Now, this should not come as any surprise to you if you've been here before. I talked about his wonderful Pigeon books way back when I had the pleasure of doing a project with the big kid's class in February. And then I blogged again (quite embarrassingly so, upon a re-reading) when there was the teeny-tiniest possibility that he had made his way to my little ole blog after I wrote him about the experience. I even plugged his books on another blog that I sometimes contribute my thoughts to. It should be quite clear at this point that I adore his work. I've shared his books with my own children snuggled close, and I've read his books to large groups and small gatherings of preschoolers, way too many times to even guesstimate. This I know for a fact, though. Each and every time I've read his stuff, I've had a blast, and the children have reacted with nothing but joy. (My favorite memory will always be of a then-3-year-old big kid riding the university shuttle bus with me to our school, reading Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus together, and him absolutely cracking up that we were reading it ON THE BUS. Seriously too much for him to handle.)

If you combine this with my also well known obsession with NPR, you'd have a recipe for a very, very happy me. Well, guess what? I'm a very, very happy me right now, and this is why. Go take 3 minutes and 10 seconds and give it a listen, then come on back.

Okay, I'm assuming that you take direction well, and you've listened, and hopefully you were entertained by it. You gotta give Mo some creativity and originality points, at the very least. I mean, a radio cartoonist? That, my friends, is an idea that doesn't come around every day. Now, there's even a little bit more that made me excited. You know how they talked about the hundreds of listener submissions they got for the cartoons? Do you doubt for a moment that I didn't send something in? Ah my friends, here's the story. The other day on the NPR site when they asked for caption ideas, there were four cartoons posted. I happened to like one particular drawing the best, and I attempted to send in my submission using their online form. I say attempted because after I filled in all the required fields and clicked the submit button, all I got was an Internet Explorer failure screen. Nothing loaded to say that the submission went through, I didn't get any email confirmation, nothing. So, I tried again. And again. And again. (If I was being 100% accurate here, I'd have to type that mini-sentence at least another 15 times. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?) I even went so far as to fill out one of those contact us forms on NPR's site saying that the submission form wasn't working for me. No response came. So, today I tried two last times to resubmit my entry, still to no avail.

Then, something popped up today on my reader informing me that dear old Mo updated his own blog, and on it he wrote about the NPR piece airing today during All Things Considered. Of course, I head directly over there and come upon the piece that I linked you to at the beginning of this convoluted story. But, at that point, the show hadn't finished its broadcast, so I was forced to read it online, and there were a few more submissions that they made public, in addition to the two they read on air. Did you see them on the site? Did you laugh WAY louder when you read the third submission highlighted at the bottom of the piece? You totally did, right? Apparently my submission did in fact go through, despite that stinking failure page that kept popping up, because... yeah baby, that's me! Okay, okay, lest you think I'm getting a big old head about my newfound celebrity status, let me reassure you, I am not. (Insert sarcastic phrase here.) No big head here. I don't think what I submitted was even that witty (and, regrettably, one of the first ones I submitted apparently got through, not one of the latter ones in which I cleaned up the wording a bit...), so it's not that at all. Take my word for it, please.

It's simply this: I love NPR. I love Mo Willems' works. And, today, albeit in just a tiny way, I was associated with them both. And that makes me happy. .

(Hopefully I haven't broken any rules by showing Mo's cartoon image here-- it's from his blog, "Mo Willems Doodles" at