Friday, July 18, 2008

now posting regularly

Man, I have been wishing for a good chunk of time to sit down and just type my thoughts away, but alas, I spent my only good chunk of time last night writing an email explaining why we have decided to pull the big kid out of the summer camp he was attending this week. That deserves its very own post, mostly so I can see if anyone else can relate to our experiences. But, since that kind of post actually requires me to think clearly, the usual commotion won't allow for that now. What I can do is ask you all to bear with me as I share yet another Story Corps piece that I literally heard minutes ago while making the kids' breakfasts. The story is about Kay Wang, and if you are at all an emotional sap like me, grab a tissue, just in case. The piece had me giggling to myself, as well as tearing up. If you're a fellow lover-of-others'-stories, you shouldn't be disappointed.