Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nightstand notes/ wanna view some reviews?

Hard to believe that the month is coming to an end, but here we are at 5 Minutes for Books' "What's on Your Nightstand?" again.  I tried to get all fancy last month by putting seven books on my list, but I may have reached too far.  One book had to be returned before I got to it, and one is still on the shelf, hoping to be cracked open soon.  Perhaps I should be a little more judicious in my predictions for this month.

I'm looking at mostly books for reviews in the next month, and they look to be some good ones.

*We've Got Issues: Children and Parents in the Age of Medication-- I'm about halfway through this one right now and it's one of those books that causes me to jot bold exclamation points in the margin because of how close the text is hitting home.  I can't wait to write a review, because this is a book that people need to read.

*Fireworks over Toccoa-- This one will be an upcoming book club selection on 5M4B, and Jennifer has spoken highly of it, so I'm hoping it comes in soon!

*The Creation of Eve-- It got pushed back from last month, but that's okay because I think I needed a buffer book between this one and Claude & Camille, with the historical fiction and artistic angle.

*The Blue Orchard-- This may turn out to be another heavy-themed novel, with race and reproduction rights at the center of the story.

*Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals About Your Life-- I'm not going to say anything about how the title of this book immediately attracted me and how I jumped at the chance to receive a review copy.  Nope.

*The War of the Worlds-- I'm not so sure about this one, but I'm giving it a go for my online book club in April.  I hope I don't end up believing it and freaking out.

Hopefully, six won't be too challenging a number to complete from now until this time next month.  But with the oncoming beautiful weather and our migration to living at the playground during most waking hours, we shall see.

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Babbling 'bout books,