Wednesday, June 09, 2010

now posting regularly

The NPR gods were good to me two weeks in a row, which translates to many stories to share, with hopes that at least one of them resonates with someone out there in the same way it did with me.

Here's what caught my ear this week:

  • "'The Shallows': This Is Your Brain Online"-- Who hasn't felt suddenly overwhelmed or confused by the seven open tabs on their internet browser, flipping between reading newly incoming emails and updated readers and a constantly refreshing twitter feed?  Of course, this is a topic many people can relate to, and this All Things Considered piece features an interview with Nicholas Carr, an author of a book on this subject.  (Sorry, gotta click away for a moment... but I'll be back...)
  • "Letters: 'The Shallows,' 'Jaws'"-- A couple of the readers' letters that Robert Siegel and Michele Norris highlighted on the next day's All Things Considered program addressed the previous story and cracked me up!
  • "FTC to Kellogg: Stop fake health claims"-- The headline alone for this Marketplace story is enough to make me shout, "Yeah!!"  What some companies get away with putting on their products is almost unbelievable.  Go FTC.
  • "A Happy Homecoming For Long-Lost Silent Films"-- I guess All Things Considered is this week's winner for best stories, because this one is just too cool.  Since we're so used to levels of technology that are mind-blowing for movie making today, it's easy to forget how exciting and revolutionary the first films were in their time.  
  • "Gross National Happiness Measures Quality Of Life"-- This Morning Edition piece is hot off this morning's presses, but was too good to wait until next week to share.  There have been several books written about the concept of "happiness" in recent years, and this story follows along with the idea.
  • "Criticizing Israel, Outside of Israel"-- With Helen Thomas' recent comments on the subject, this topic is hotter than ever.  I found this On the Media debate to be deeply interesting.
  • "The Politics of Breastfeeding in Public"-- Okay, while it annoys me to no end that this is even a subject that needs to be "discussed," I'm happy when articulate and logical people are given the opportunity to speak on why this shouldn't even be debatable.  Do we talk about if any other PEOPLE should be allowed to eat in public??  Thanks to the Kojo Nnamdi Show for yesterday's short feature.
  • "Dealing with a Parent's Early Death"-- Even typing in the title of yesterday's Diane Rehm Show piece is making me tear up.  As usual, Diane Rehm facilitated a discussion of an immensely difficult topic with respect and grace.  Grab a box of tissues.
  • "Held Hostage"-- I actually only heard the second segment of last week's This American Life, and it was as compelling as ever.  Another high quality NPR show!
  •  "Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!"-- Oh my, how I adore this show.  Last week's episode had me laughing from the very, very beginning.  You can't miss Carl Kasell's first game.  Too, too funny.

    Thank you, NPR, as usual, for a week full of thought-provoking, interesting and hilarious offerings!