Wednesday, September 22, 2010

now posting regularly

Okay folks, it's that kind of week- the one in which I had way too many links and started to get a little selective just to keep the number of stories shared under ten.  These are the top eight from the week.  Enjoy the NPR goodness:

  • "Fla. Homeless Shelter Taking In More Children"-- From All Things Considered comes this interview with the coordinator of a resource center for homeless people.  I was immediately drawn in by the woman's tenderness and compassion, and it unfortunately wasn't surprising to hear that the number of homeless people has only increased in recent times.  
  • "Pa. University Bans Facebook, Twitter For A Week"-- Obviously the title of this Weekend Edition piece speaks for itself.  I don't know that I would be completely comfortable with a week away from Facebook.  Hi, my name is Dawn, and I'm an online-aholic.  Also, with the first link and then this one, am I the only one who's wondering why NPR is using state abbreviations and format from the 80's?
  • "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me"-- Okay, I've got to admit that I don't even remember which moment in last week's show made me click the button, but like every week, the whole damn show is hilarious, so you should sit back and take a half hour for yourself, and your funny bone.
  • "Just How It Sounds: Reading 'Playboy' To The Blind"-- You've got to admit it, if you saw this go by on the NPR Facebook feed, you'd have no choice but to click it, too.  Funny little piece from All Things Considered about yes, reading Playboy for the blind.  Made me think of the Robin Hood: Men in Tights movie when the blind guy is on the toilet with what's supposed to be a Playboy magazine in braille, and he goes to the centerfold, turns it sideways and starts feeling the magazine happily.  Hee hee.
  • "Understanding the Constitution"-- Well, that's a weird transition from one link to the next... but The Diane Rehm Show from the other day was all about the Constitution.  For all the people who respond in polls (or show up at rallies with misspelled signs) who declare a devotion to the Constitution, it appears that a good portion of us really don't know much about it at all.  I think one of my reading goals this year will be to read the Constitution in its entirety... and probably bug the crap out my husband as I pepper him with inane questions!
  • "NYC's underground grilled cheese"-- I want to go to NYC just to eat this $5 underground sandwich.  Funny piece from Marketplace that might make you a little hungry.
  • "Watching Butterflies Born On A Monarch Ranch"-- Click over to this story for the video alone, even if you don't want to read the article.  It's less than a minute long sped-up clip of the transformation of a monarch caterpillar into butterfly.  Amazing.  Red and I watched it over and over the other day because it's just so incredible to see.

There you have it.  You've wasted another perfectly good Wednesday evening recapping the NPR highlights from the week. 

Until next time (and with a nod to the funny folks at Car Talk),