Wednesday, September 29, 2010

now posting regularly

Happy NPR Wednesday, folks!  I'm happy to share with you the stories and shows from NPR that entertained me this week.

  • "Happy Birthday F. Scott Fitzgerald"-- Saturday evenings often find the radio on and the sounds of A Prairie Home Companion on in our house, much to hubby's chagrin.  See, the sound of Garrison Keillor's voice immediately puts my husband into a coma, while I happen to adore his drone, personally.  There was a joke to this very effect this past weekend, during an imagine conversation between GK and F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Funny stuff. 
  • "Sticklers Make A Point On National Punctuation Day"-- Although I'm sure this very blog has its share of grammatical errors, I do try my darnedest to get it right, because in my heart I'm one of these very sticklers.  (Although I do realize that I just might have a little addiction to commas.)  This Weekend Edition Saturday piece is short, but it acknowledges some of the worst punctuation offenses out there.
  • "Keeping the faiths(s)"-- The State We're In isn't a show that I usually catch, but I was glad to have heard part of this one.  I appreciate complex conversations about religion, and this show has several segments that offer multiple perspectives.  
  • "Three-Minute Fiction: Countdown To Deadline"-- Since I didn't get to the National Book Festival this year, I've been somewhat avoiding coverage of it, for now at least.  This aired on Saturday evening, and I actually got goosebumps listening to the authors' answers in this All Things Considered piece.
  • "Braces For Young Kids Might Not Always Be Best"-- This Morning Edition story caught my eye on the Facebook feed when it went by, because I know that this is in our future with JAM.  Ugh.  After reading this, I'm curious to find out what JAM's dentist will advise for a treatment plan.  He has said that he wants him to have a consult with the orthodontist next year, but he's a long way from having all his baby teeth out.  We shall see.
  • "In Donoghue's 'Room,' A Child's World Of His Own"-- I haven't read this book- yet- but I've heard enough about it to have my ears perk up when I caught the tail-end of this All Things Considered piece.  This book sounds amazing, and the interview with the author has only intrigued me more.

Happy NPR listening,