Tuesday, September 21, 2010

popping up all over the interwebs

As a child, I know that I talked a lot.  That's not in any way, an improbable assumption, especially considering that I still talk a whole lot, but I've also got the report cards from days of yore with the classic generic teacher comment, "Good student, but talks too much in class." Perhaps I was just trying to get myself heard... and perhaps nothing has changed all that much.

While I'm still prone to long-windedness, which my friends so kindly tolerate, I'm just as happy to tap away on my netbook's keys to get my words out.  Here on the blog for random thoughts, over at 5 Minutes for Books for all things literary, back on DC Metro Moms for parenting blogginess (back before they shut down services), and hopefully soon on the new incarnation of many of the area bloggers at The DC Moms.  So much that it might appear that I frankly never shut up.

Well, guess what?  Apparently, I've got even more to say.  Starting today, I'm happy to be a part of our city's newly launched online news site, Greenbelt Patch, where I will be a weekly columnist writing about parenting in our fair city.  Bringing Up Three, Greenbelt Style will appear on Tuesdays, with more of my loudmouthed banter spread around.

On the literary front, it's almost October 1st, which for lovers of children's and YA literature means Cybils time!  Nominations are accepted between October 1st and 15th, and at that time, the round one panelists take over by getting their hands on a ton of books and working together to create a short list to send along to the round two judges.  Last year, I was a member of the round two group for the Fiction Picture Book category, and my excitement level is over the top to move over to the round one panelist stage this year for the same category, most definitely the one closest to my heart.  Bring on the nominations, people!

So happiness all around today, even though today marked the day that I finally admitted (to myself and others) that I just can't make it to the National Book Festival this Saturday in D.C.  With hubby out of town, trying to manage public transportation at such a busy, crowded event, alone with three wacky kids over the course of an entire day just hurts my head thinking about it.  Red and Pudge still desperately need their nap times, and without an extra set of hands (and patience), I'm just not up for it.  It's been hard to face, since I've only missed it one other time, but there's always next year, and I'm still holding out hope that I may be able to take a trip up to NYC next May for Book Expo America, so that would definitely fill in the gap.

Always something to say,