Friday, February 18, 2011

friday's five

While the Cybils may be over for 2010, I really missed talking picture books on Fridays over here, so I'm going to post at the end of each week to share some of the picture books the kids and I have enjoyed during the week. I don't need an award season to dish picture books, that's for sure, and thanks to the great library system that we're fortunate to be able to access just down the road, we're exposed to a huge variety of books. New releases and classic faves abound!

Here's a handful of what we've enjoyed this week:

1. Swim! Swim! by Lerch -- One of the two books we diagrammed the other day, this one is really quite funny. Poor Lerch just wants a friend, and darn it if those pebbles, diver guy or bubbles just won't engage in conversation with him. He's earnest and friendly, and adorable to boot, so readers are really rooting for him to find a buddy. Well, he get's that and more (cue the floating hearts) when an unlikely pal helps him out in the end.

2. Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian, illustrated by Tim Bowers -- Here's the other fishy book that cracks us up! This goldfish has the opposite problem of Lerch, for his bowl is overflowing with potential friends, and he's feeling more than a little cramped. If you checked out our Venn diagram, you already know that these two books have a lot in common, notably that this one also ends in a similar way with some fishy love. More laugh-filled fish fun!

3. Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers --These illustrations have totally captured my heart. They're simply adorable. This is a simple story of friendship, and how even through personal trials, friends are always there to support you. Penguin wants desperately to fly, and he'll go to extreme measures to accomplish his goal, but the boy just wants to be with his friend, and he'll go to extreme measures to be a good friend. The kids really enjoyed this one, laughing at the silliness, and also coming out with perfectly timed "awwwww" comments to show their approval.

4. Hello, Robots by Bob Staake -- My goodness, how my children LOVE this book we borrowed from the library. In the last couple of weeks, I've read this again and again at their request. The robot appeal is undeniable. These four robots live in domestic bliss, each with his own specialty... that is, until they get stuck out in the rain and the water does a number to their electronic insides. They're all messed up, and their misplaced household efforts are a recipe for disaster. What will fix them? The funny solution never fails to crack my kids up!

5. A Hat for Minerva Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke -- Oh Minerva, you are just too silly for words. You're a classic that somehow- somehow!- my children weren't familiar with. Gladly, that oversight has been taken care of, and they have fallen head over heels in love with you and your way of looking at the world. The humor of a mixed-up character doing silly things is undeniably a favorite by young children all around. Yay for Minerva Louise!

There's a little peek at what's brought us some picture book joy this week. Any books you think we should check out? If you drop me some titles, I'll get on the library's website right away and put them on hold!

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