Wednesday, February 09, 2011

now posting regularly

It's been a while, but through my computer difficulties and seemingly constant parenting struggles, I've still been listening to NPR even if I wasn't linking up. I'm making a comeback today with my favorite stories from the week.

  • "For Sale On the Web: You!"-- This All Tech Considered post hit perhaps a little too close to home. I got it, and I'm thinking about it as I type. I know that I have gone down the road of shameless self-promo online, and it's certainly something to be aware of. 
  • "Anti-Social Networks? We're Just As Cliquey Online"-- Another piece about our online lives, this time from All Things Considered.  I appreciated this short piece, especially after having been unfriended on Facebook by a college friend after our different political opinions became too challenging. 
  • "Peggy Orenstein: "Cinderella Ate My Daughter""-- The interview with author Orenstein on The Diane Rehm Show is most definitely worth the hour commitment to listen to it in its entirety. She hits on many points from her book (which I'm HIGHLY recommending!), and I just love hearing authors talk about their work. 
  • "What 'Ah-Choo!' Can Do For You"-- The figures about the forcefulness of our sneezes alone is worth the click over to this follow-up Morning Edition story!

From the web, to our pink-obsessed girls, to our health, NPR had a lot that piqued my interest this week!

Often tuned in,