Wednesday, June 01, 2011

now posting regularly

Now that I've returned from my real-life vacation, it's time to have a proper bloggy Wednesday, which of course means taking a look at some NPR stories that have popped out at me this past week. I'm slowly easing myself back into my NPR addiction, and this week brought a few goodies.

  • "Carly Simon on Music, Life and Baseball"-- Okay, so this segment from The Diane Rehm Show originally aired in April, when I caught only a few minutes of it. I was happy to listen to the rest of it when it was re-aired on Memorial Day. I wouldn't call myself a Carly Simon fan necessarily, but every song clip that they played had me singing along, so some of my childhood musical exposure certainly stuck with me. My only beef with this is that she was promoting a new children's book version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and she kept singing the lyric wrong about "Cracker Jacks." No s Carly!!
  • "What Motivates Climate Change Deniers?"--I saw this piece from the NPR blog 13.7: Cosmos and Culture on the Facebook feed and was intrigued. I continue to be blown away when I hear a supposedly educated and respected public official deny the scientific evidence of climate change. Insanity.
  • "Ala. Family Uses Tornado Shelter Built From A Bus"-- Holy cow. This All Things Considered interview with a man from Alabama about his unconventional shelter had me riveted, and only partly because of his strong southern accent. I've seen the immediate effects of a tornado from the one that went right through College Park, MD, in 2001 (which hubby saw WAY TOO up close and personal!), which was a smaller one in comparison to this spring's mess, but was still mind blowing.
  • "Secrets Of Perfect Burgers, Plus How To Grill An Egg"-- I listened to this All Things Considered story last Friday night as we were on the way to some friends' house. Seriously- grilling an egg sounds super cool, and I think should be something we try out this summer!
  • "A Curious Case Of Foreign Accent Syndrome"-- JAM and I were so interested in this Morning Edition story this morning after I showed it to him online. Can you imagine? With the incredible amount of medical knowledge we may have about the brain, there's still so, so much that is astounding and unknown. (Maybe this is what happened to Madonna a few years back?)

Back in the NPR saddle,