Thursday, January 12, 2012

recovery mode

My lovely hubby went under the knife this morning. Well, under the arthroscopic tool, technically, I guess. A little over six weeks ago, he tore his ACL while playing basketball, and these weeks have been filled with orthopedic doctor appointments and physical therapy. He was ready for surgery today, and thanks to his relay of the information that he received from the doctor, I'm now much more knowledgeable about this type of surgery than before. It also helps that there are concise and easy to understand articles like this on the internets. There are a ton of videos, too, some too gross to watch for my taste, kind of like the series of pictures they printed of hubby's actual surgery!

Red, Pudge, and I are playing hooky today and tomorrow so I can play nurse, and so Red can "be there to comfort him," in her own dramatic-as-usual words. This morning, we shopped for some necessities, like bags of frozen peas to act as ice packs and fritos and gummi worms to act as comfort food. The kids also decided that Daddy would really like to have some flowers to help him get better, so a batch of tulips was added to the cart, too. Upon our return home, they created a banner for the recovering patient, and we cleaned up the living room, which will be his makeshift bedroom for the foreseeable future, since stairs are definitely not to be tackled for a while. Even through the great pain, he still smiled at the sight that he met when he returned home.

Now he's resting on the couch, starting the process of getting wel. Here's hoping he does it as quickly, and with as little pain as possible.

Off to do meds duty,