Sunday, January 01, 2012

winter break blogging, chapter eleven

... in which the author welcomes in the new year in a blur of melted cheese and chocolate, and unsupervised children. 

I know that New Year's Eve means bar drinks, big crowds, and a crescendo-ed countdown at midnight for many folks. There are hazy memories somewhere in my head from NYE nights like this of long ago, even. But, post-children, NYE takes on a new meaning. A night out means a hefty babysitting fee, followed by regular life the morning after a wild and crazy night out. I just don't have the stamina for that kind of experience these days.

The last few NYEs have looked a little different for us. Hanging out at our best pals' house means we can let the children play in a safe environment with minimal supervision, and we can simply enjoy each other's company even later into the evening than a usual night of getting together.

Oh, that's right, there's also the booze.

Naw, don't worry, nothing crazy. We pack the back of the van to the brim with blow-up beds, blankets, and changes of clothing so we can all crash at their house. It's also less insane than trying to haul three hugely over-tired kids out of the house after midnight. It's really a win-win situation, and we're so happy our friends continue to invite us over year after year.

Last night started off with the usual friendly bantering that's often a result of hubby wearing shirts to antagonize his New England-teams-loving pal.

There was, of course, way too much food to be consumed by the six adults and six children that were there. (We won't count the baby who isn't eligible for the chocolate fountain just yet.) Chocolate fountain and cheese fondue left me smiling, even if my stomach wasn't too thrilled with me by night's end. Some of us were a little sloppier than others...

The kids entertained themselves with a little bit of Wii here, some nighttime trampoline jumping there, and a whole lot of wackiness all around, that may or may not have involved ping pong balls and plastic cups. (And too bad there wasn't a hole-in-one, for someone almost had her college tuition paid for on a bet!)

The adults chatted, played darts, and just relaxed. Hubby and I took a few pics together, with camera held at arm's length as usual, for fun. Then the camera was randomly clicked at weird angles, capturing the oddest of moments. I swear that I don't usually act this way in public.

A few of the children got a head start on their New Year's resolutions, which was nice, and they may be secretly planning their own OK Go tribute video, when they're not trying to sneak downstairs through the cat door. It also appeared that one of them began thinking longingly toward his future college extra-curricular activities.

Amazingly enough, everyone over the age of four months made it to midnight, and there was much toasting going on. After the ball dropped and sparkling juice and champagne was consumed age-appropriately, a spontaneous dance party broke out thanks to LMFAO.

Honestly, what better way to ring in a new year than hang with friends who love to laugh, and kids who are all just as crazy as one another?

Though the adults stayed up for a while more, many of the kids piled into one room to crash after the major partying evening. I believe these guys will grow up considering each other all siblings.

Well, it's another new year. Another fresh start. Another period of wondering where in the world the time is going. Here's hoping your NYE was as wild and crazy as you wanted it to be. To 2012 I say, please go gentle on us, and keep those whom we love close to us for another year of fun and laughs.

Humming Auld Lang Syne all day long,