Friday, April 06, 2012

what a difference, the second time around

When JAM lost his first tooth in the Spring of his first grade year, no one can dispute that it was quite an ordeal. Sorry, ordeal is actually an understatement. The drama associated with that experience was Oscar Award-worthy. End of the World scale disaster. If I believed in such things, I would have suspected a real-life poltergeist.

The wiggling of that wee bottom tooth went on for months and months, until it was literally hanging on by a tiny shred. Just the suggestion that I grasp it with tissue-covered fingers brought forward such anxiety-fueled terror that the cries could be heard by all our neighbors, as well.

Fast forward a few years to Red's first loose tooth. For the last few months, both of her middle bottom teeth have been loose. They've gotten looser, and she's been just fine with allowing me to wiggle them a bit after we brush teeth in the evening. I'd been cautiously optimistic about what was in store for both of us when the time finally came for those teeth to make their exits. I found out that while Red is definitely her brother's sister, there can be fear without terror, worry without real anxiety.

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Wish me luck for the next 19 of her teeth. And, even more so, the remaining 12 of JAM's. Then there will still be 20 for Pudge someday, too. I could have a kick-ass necklace by the end of this.

Pudge and Red, after the happy tooth-losing event.

Hoping the next tooth doesn't provoke eardrum-shattering screams,