Thursday, August 29, 2013

now posting regularly

It's getting hard lately to listen to NPR in the mornings, as the children actually listen and it's not too fun to explain the meaning of chemical weapons to a five and seven year old. So, I try to get my fix later in the day or online or on my handy dandy NPR app, because there's always an abundance of entertainment and education to be found!

  • "A Year After Its Debut, The Song 'Cups' Becomes A Hit" -- I forgot to include this one the other week, but I was highly entertained by this All Things Considered piece about the history of the 'Cups' song-- you have to click it to hear the 1928 version! I was reminded of the story the other night when Hubby and I finally got around to watching Pitch Perfect, which was a good time.
  • "MLK's Dream Across Decades" -- This week's coverage of news about the 50th anniversary included many different historical pieces, but I really liked this personal perspective from a man who attended the March in 1963 on Tell Me More.
  • "Something Was Missing From The March On Washington Anniversary" -- I saw this piece on the NPR Facebook feed, and I was curious about the headline. I shouldn't have had a hard time figuring out the missing piece, as it's clear just how divided the political parties when it comes to race. I can't believe that not one invited Republican chose to speak at such an historical event. Shameful.

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