Saturday, March 08, 2014

a chalkboard for every season

About a year ago, Hubby did some renovations in our kitchen, and with the have-to job came a more fun addition to our kitchen. The back wall of our small, eat-in kitchen was transformed into a framed, magnetic chalkboard that could hold our weekly calendar on one side and have open space for drawing, schoolwork, and the like.

I quickly learned a few things:
  • there is no such thing as dustless chalk, regardless of package labeling
  • children like to scribble with no real purpose, leading to multitudes of previously mentioned dust
  • magnet paint makes tiny bumps on the wall, leading to a chalkboard that never really gets all the way clean
  • I have OCD-like tendencies
Okay, that last one wasn't shocking headline news, obviously, but it has affected the way I view the chalkboard, and I've made some attempts to put a 'theme' of sorts to it at times to encourage the kids to think about something before drawing or writing. A few of these have been more successful than others, and it's become a fun family game to add something and wait to see how long until someone else notices it.

Back in June, Hubby and I took over the board before a weekend trip away, turning it into a set of behavioral instructions... with a humorous twist, of course. All of the "rules" there were valid, even if some were more lighthearted than others.
I'm not sure if Corny the fish ate that weekend, but I am positive that they remembered to eat ice cream.

In the fall, with the spirit of gratitude in the air, the board collected weeks' worth of thankful notes and drawings, even more after this snapshot was taken. I liked that this particular theme made the people of this house be thoughtful about how fortunate we are, since it's so easy to fall into the "I wish we had..." trap. There was more fun to be had with this one, too, since we are who we are.
My faves are Red's rebus of "trees" and Pudge's "cupyouder." Say it out loud and you'll break the kindergarten code.

Right now, our kitchen board is only a few days into its newest theme... one which is likely relatable to most folks across the continental U.S. Even for us snow- and winter-lovers, this particular season has pretty much gone on long enough, and we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. This time around, Red tried her hand again at a rebus, while Pudge went for an underground, nature-themed drawing. My biggest wish is down on the lower left-hand corner, while Hubby was inspired by his need to bring a hair dryer outside not once, but TWICE, this week to be able to open our outdoor closet.
There is still much more available space... and many, many more warm weather wishes.

We may not be the Willems family with their cool dinner doodles and delightful dining room chalkboard drawings, but we are having fun!

Here's to spring,